Each week we strategically walk through the scriptures with the end in mind. We want every middle and high school student taking their next steps in life and with God knowing these three basic truths: 


God DESIGNED the world and created me in His image with a unique IDENTITY so I can CONNECT to Him as my Heavenly Father.

  • Design: What I see around me reveals my Creator.

  • Identity: I am created in the image of my perfect Heavenly Father who has an unending love for me.

  • Connection: I live in pursuit of an infinite God who desires an eternal relationship with me.


When I follow His Son Jesus by FAITH, His Spirit TRANSFORMS me and empowers me to live out His TRUTH.

  • Faith: I believe in Jesus, and will continually trust Him, even when life doesn’t make sense.

  • Transformation: God’s Spirit is transforming my unique and imperfect life into the character of Christ.

  • Truth: My response to God’s Word shapes how I see God’s Story of redemption at work.


I choose to live in a COMMUNITY of family and friends showing God’s love and COMPASSION every day and demonstrating His story of REDEMPTION.

  • Restoration: God designed me to participate in His story redemption.

  • Compassion: My faith in Christ is revealed by my compassion and care for others.

  • Community: I choose to live in the complexities of community and family because of the value of those relationships in my walk with God.

Statistics tell us that students who leave high school that stay in the church say the reason they did not leave the church was because another adult who was not their parent invested in them and kept in contact with them after leaving high school. Small Groups are the engine of REVstudents.  We believe disciples are made “in circles, not rows.” In other words, relationships are a core value in REVstudents. We want to connect adults who love Jesus passionately to inspire authentic faith in the lives of students. We provide a safe place for students to express doubts, fears, wins and questions about God, faith and life.


For more info on REVstudents, contact Jerry Tipton, Student Pastor.
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