Who Attends REVkids?
All children (babies through 5th grade) attend REVkids each Sunday.

Age Appropriateness
We are passionate about children learning about Jesus in a way they understand. Our environments and lesson materials are created based on the physical, mental and emotional needs of each child.

Creative Bible Teaching
The Bible is the most amazing book ever written! We strive to bring its stories to life through activities and discussions that keep children engaged. We want all children to love God’s word and understand the value of applying it to their lives.

Kids love fun! We realize that when children have fun at church, they can’t wait to come back. We value creating fun ways for children to learn about Jesus. 

First Time at REVkids?
We have a volunteer staff member available for first time guests. They will help check your family into our database system.  Once your family is checked in, one of our volunteers will be happy to show you the age appropriate room we have created for your child.

We will ask for the following personal information: family member’s names, children’s names and birthdates, family address, phone number, and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your child.

On your way home, be sure to ask your child: “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn today?”

What Should I Expect When I Return to REVkids?
As you enter REVkids, your first stop should be at our check-in station where a friendly volunteer will check your child in. Our check-in station is open 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. Check-in volunteers will need your child’s full name in order for us to locate your family in our database system.

You will receive a set of stickers with a family identification number for you and for your child. Your child will wear the sticker with his or her name. Please hold on to your portion of the sticker until checkout at the end of the service. You will need it to check your child out of REVkids. No child is released unless the matching identification sticker is presented. 

For More Information:
Please be sure to ask any of our amazing volunteers or staff if you have questions about our values, policies or procedures.

If you are planning on visiting us, please feel free to sign up before you even get here! Our New Family Check In Sheet can be found, HERE.

Thanks for checking out REVkids! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

For more information about REVkids, contact Katie Reich, Director of REVkids.

If you are interested in getting involved, then click HERE for more info.