Membership in the church is a body of believers saying, “We need to do this together.” Membership at Revolution Church is participation in a family. It emphasizes the fact that we expect each other to be far more than spectators, but to be spiritual contributors, using our gifts together, having unity around the same mission, vision and strategy. Revolution Church holds its members in high regard.

Step 1 Recommended Reading
Learn more about what we as a church believe and how we live as followers of Jesus. We recommend you read through the below articles before attending a membership class. 

Step 2 Membership Class
Attend one of our membership classes. Here you will learn more about where we have come from, where we are going, and how we will get there as a church. Like any company, family or organization, a church has a culture, and to be unified in that is one of the things that brings strength to a church.

Step 3 Finalizing Membership & Next Steps
For you, this might be doing more studying to understand who we are as a church and what shapes us. This may be signing your covenant and helping you take a next step in community, serving, or giving. For others, it may be walking with you through any additional requirements for membership, such as baptism.