Current Series

The call we never expect...the diagnosis that knocks us off our feet...the regrets that keep us up at night. 

How could God let it happen? Why didn't He answer that prayer? What does it mean when He feels distant? What do you do with those questions? What do you do when God seems silent? Why does God seem to allow pain, suffering and injustice to go unpunished? 

If you've ever wondered that, you aren't alone. 

Tucked away towards the end of the Old Testament is the little book of Habakkuk. The book follows the questions that Habakkuk has (same as the ones above) and God's response to them. 

Although, what we sometimes find is that God doesn’t answer the way we expect Him to, or He doesn’t answer on our timetable. Like Habakkuk, we find ourselves in the in-between. We find ourselves Waiting on God.

Join us at Revolution Church as we kick off a brand new series, Waiting on God on Sunday, August 17th at 10:00am.

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We meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 am at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. and we'd love to see you.