All of us want more in life, whether relationally, financially, spiritually, or emotionally. More is an elusive thing, though. What does more look like? How do we know if we get more? Do some people have more, or are they faking it?

Romans is a look at who God is and who we are, apart from God and in Christ. 

Romans 12 - 16 looks at how to live as a child of God, someone who has been set free because of what Jesus has done in our place. 

How does a follower of Jesus deal with conflict? Relate to the government? Handle finances? Love those around you (the ones you like and the ones you don't like)? How do you use the gifts and talents that God has given you so that the world is impacted?

These are just some of the questions we'll look at in our series More.


October 2: Transformed (Romans 12:1 - 2)

October 9: Use Your Gifts (Romans 12:3 - 8)

October 16: Loving Those Around You (Romans 12:9 - 16)

October 23: Forgiveness (Romans 12:17 - 21)

October 30: Jesus and Politics (Romans 13:1 - 7)

November 6: Love People (Romans 13:8 - 14)

November 13: Free to do as You Please? (Romans 14) 

November 20: Showing Jesus (Romans 15)

November 27: People Matter (Romans 16)


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