You've seen the hashtag #RelationshipGoals but how do you get there?

How do you know you are going after the right goal? Whether you're married, single, or struggling in a relationship, we all have #RelationshipGoals. In this series, we'll look at how to date, how to communicate & fight fair in a relationship, how to have a great sex life in your marriage, what to do if your marriage falls apart and how to stay in love for 50+ years. 


February 10: Our Longing for Love (Song of Solomon 1:1 - 11)

February 17: What a Man Does (Song of Solomon 1:12 - 2:7)

February 24: What a Woman Wants (Song of Solomon 2:8 - 17)

March 3: The Power of Sexuality and Intimacy (Song of Solomon 3:1 - 5:1)

March 10: When Relationships Get Hard (Song of Solomon 5:2 - 9)

March 17: The Marks of a Marriage that Will Last (Song of Solomon 5:10 - 6:10)

March 24: What a Husband Does (Song of Solomon 6:11 - 7:9)

March 31: What a Wife Does (Song of Solomon 7:10 - 8:4)

April 7: 'Til Death do us Part (Song of Solomon 8:5 - 14)

April 14: Live Q&A