January 21: Moving Forward to Healthy Relationships (Matthew 5:21 - 26)

January 28: The One Thing that Can Kill any Relationship (Before and After it Starts) (Matthew 5:27 - 31)

February 4: Getting Married is Easier than Staying Married (Matthew 5:31 - 37)

February 11: Making Relationships Last (Matthew 5:38 - 48)








They bring some of the greatest joys to our lives and some of the deepest wounds. We wouldn't be who we are without relationships, but many of us wish they went differently or turned out differently than they do. 

In the spring of 2018 we’ll be walking through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 - 7), Jesus' longest recorded sermon, where he covers spirituality, prayer, marriage, relationships, divorce, money, wealth, eternity and a whole list of questions we all have and struggle with. 

Our second series on the Sermon on the Mount is called Him & Her. 

In this series we'll see the impact that relationships have on our lives, how to have healthy relationships and how to win at relationships instead of getting stuck.